The Ensemble Kamaan is immersed in Persian musical and poetic culture to offer an original, resolutely contemporary and creative approach.

  The quartet ventures into uncharted territory that transcends its musical structures and blends them with the baroque and medieval worlds of Western music. The santour of Amir Amiri, the kamanché of Showan Tavakol, the rabab and the voice of Behnaz Sohrabi harmonize with the depth of the timbre of Olivier Marin's viola. This encounter between Persian classical music and European classical music creates a bewitching alchemy that evokes the atmosphere of ancient tales with universal resonances.

  After having been highly appreciated by audiences in Montreal in recent years, the four musicians of the Ensemble Kamaan present their show "Des chemins qui mènent partout", which they had the opportunity to perform this year in Quebec and Hong Kong

Conseil des arts de Montreal, on tour 2018-2019

Prismatic Arts Festival, Ottawa.

"One Belt, One Road" Festival, Hong-Kong.

Festival of the Arab World with Eleonore Fourniau, Montreal.

teaser 2019